Why is there a Haze under the film when first installed?
The fog is the result of the alcohol/water solution evaporating from beneath the plastic. The haze will clear as the vapor dissipates after several days.
I have an aftermarket bumper, can you cover this?
Yes. We have the ability to design kits and customize installations for any non-standard piece on any make and model.
Is the application of the film permanent?
No, the film can be removed at any point in time. It does require a professional to safely remove the material.
Will the installed film on my vehicle yellow over time?
All urethane film will discolor to some degree over time, depending on how well the film is maintained. With the newer technology films that we use, this degree is not noticeable unless under fluorescent lighting.
I don't like to see the line across the hood. Can you cover the entire hood?
Yes, on most vehicles we can cover the full hood. We also can cover your entire vehicle for the ultimate in protection. Please see types of installations for coverage options.
Can the film be washed and/or waxed?
Yes, the film is meant to be washed and waxed on a regular basis. We recommend a high quality wax or polish to prolong the appearance of the film.
How deep of a scratch will heal in the Xpel Ultimate film?
The clear coat is designed to heal surface scratches and common swirl marks that occur during routine washing of the car. If the scratch penetrates through the film’s clear coat, it will not heal.
How do I know you have means to cover my particular vehicle model?
We have a leading edge software program with all current makes and models on the market that allow us to prepare all kits in house. If we do not have your particular make/ model in our system, we have the ability to custom design a kit specific to your vehicle.
What is the warranty for the Paint Protection films Automotive Elegance offers?
Refer to our Warranty page.
What can be done about wax build up along the seams of where the film meets the vehicle and how can I avoid it?
Paste wax or polish will leave a white line if it is applied directly over the seams. If this occurs, we advise applying a small amount of rubbing alcohol or lacquer thinner to a microfiber towel, to gently clean the affected areas. This can be done to the Xpel Ultimate PPF only.
How long does it take to complete a Full Installation?
With Standard Wraps, installations are typically completed within 3-4 hours. With Full Wraps and other custom installs, the timeframe depends on the exact amount of coverage desired.
Will XPEL ULTIMATE make the paint underneath the film fade at a different rate?
No. XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film allows UV to pass through the film and fade the paint underneath at the same rate as the exposed paint.
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