Exterior Detailing

Why Detailing

Automotive detailing is often overlooked and we understand. This is where automotive elegance steps in to give your car the attention to detail it deserves with our  exterior detailing services. With over 20 years in paint protection, we are proud to offer first class detailing services for your vehicle. See package options below and  schedule your vehicle detail today. 

exterior detailing

  • Full Exterior Hand Wash
  • Chemical Decontamination
  • Single-stage paint correction
  • Clean wheels & wheel wells
  • Interior & Exterior Glass Cleaned
  • Clean Door Jambs
  • Tires Dressed
  • Light interior vacuum

exterior detailing

Why is Chemical Decontamination needed?

Chemical decontamination is a general term that is used for removing embedded particles in a vehicle clear coat finish that may not be readily seen to the naked eye, but are still present nonetheless. This can be present in the form of yellow “Rust dots” and general road traffic.  

It is important in the detailing process as these particles can lead to premature oxidation of the vehicles, clear coat surface and prematurely compromise the overall aesthetics of your vehicle. These chemicals are safe on a  vehicles finish And we like to use products such as CarPro Iron X and CarPro TarX.

Ceramic Boost detail

  •   Full Exterior Hand Wash
  •   Chemical Decontamination
  •   Clean Wheels & Wheel wells
  •   Interior & Exterior Glass Cleaned
  • Clean Door Jambs
  • Tires Dressed
  • Light Interior Vacuum 
  • Finish with XPEL Ceramic
    Boost Aftercare Spray


Looking to make this process easier?

XPEL FUSION Plus allow for this level of detail to be achieved with routine car washes right in the comfort of your own driveway. While many people will still prefer traditional waxes and sealants, ceramic coatings offer a more robust, and durable level of protection thats good for YEARS!

Please note: This is NOT for not washing your vehicle. Ceramic coatings require routine car washes and will make your car wash process, quicker, easier, and leave you with a better shine than a vehicle that is not ceramic coated.