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The traditional paint protection film package protecting the “nose” of your vehicle.

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Upgrade from the silver with a complete hood. This not only offers more protection but eliminates the visible seam going across the hood for a near invisible application.

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One of our most popular packages. Your entire front end will be virtually invisible and protected.

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Platinum Plus

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Taking Platinum Package to the next level by protecting the rocker panels.

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XPEL Ultimate Gloss

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This Package has the most comprehensive coverage AE has to offer. it’s becoming a very popular option for clients wanting the ultimate protection for their vehicle.

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XPEL Stealth Matte

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For our discerning customers looking to stand out from the rest. XPEL STEALTH offers a Satin/MATTE finish with ease & peace of mind knowing your vehicle is fully protected.

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AE Bespoke

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Combining Paint Protection Film with Ceramic Coatings, offering ultimate protection for those who demand the best!

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Protect Your Vehicle & Keep It Looking New

The harsh New England weather and roads can wreak havoc on your car’s finish. Having paint protection film (PPF) ,aka clear bra, installed assures maximum protection for your car against the elements while preserving the resale value of your automobile. Most modern cars are painted with an environmentally friendly, water-based paint that provides superior shine; the downside is that your car is vulnerable to chips and scratches. Your car’s paint can be damaged by natural elements, such as temperature fluctuations, sunlight and bird droppings, as well as by rocks, sand, gravel, tar, and road salt. Keep your car looking showroom new with paint protection film!

Paint Protection Film FAQs

Paint Protection Film (often referred to as clear bra) is an invisible polyurethane film that covers your vehicle’s exterior surfaces to safeguard them against developing chips and scratches, helping your vehicle’s paint job retain a flawless appearance. 

Automotive Elegance installs only XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film. This top-of-the- line film from XPEL is meticulously tested, and offers superior quality and the most advanced technology found in the automotive detailing industry.

XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film (clear bra) is warrantied for 10 years from things such as yellowing, bubbling, peeling, delaminating etc. For any warranty questions, feel free to contact us! Full warranty details:

While you can wax the film, be sure the product you are using doesn’t contain Naphtha or Kerosene in concentrations over 5%, and avoid waxes that contain dyes. For best results, we recommend using our XPEL Flawless Finish Paint Protection Film Sealant or XPEL Ceramic Boost. This product has been specially formulated for use with polyurethane paint protection films to provide the maximum protection and gloss, while containing no ingredients that would cause discoloration over time.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

Here are some of the signature features you can expect from having XPEL Ultimate Plus installed on your vehicle:


It protects your vehicle’s finish from developing chips and scratches often caused by common road debris such as rocks, sand gravel, road salt, and other projectiles. It also prevents your vehicle’s finish from being scratched while parked in case someone brushes up against it or a rogue shopping cart happens to bump your car.

Color Preservation

Safeguard against staining and discoloration caused by bird droppings, insects, tree sap, air pollution and other contaminants with the paint protection film on the market. XPEL PPF provides you with a stress free solution for preventing discoloration or stains.

Anti-Yellowing Technology

One of the issues with older generations of Paint Protection Film is that over time, the film would begin to yellow and haze. Through years of case studies and age testing, XPEL confidently delivers anti-yellowing technology for their paint protection film products, which are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Self Healing Technology

When exposed to heat or direct sunlight, XPEL Ultimate Plus’s self-healing clear coat layer will eliminate any fine scratches and swirl marks that occur on the PPF surface. The self healing technology removes those unsightly blemishes and restores your car’s finish without any effort on your part.

Long Lasting Beauty

An XPEL PPF helps your car’s paint look fresh and flawless for many years to come. Prevent rock chips, scratches and nicks in the paint, and keep your vehicle looking as good as the day it rolled off the lot.

Resale Value Retention

A preserved exterior means a higher resale or trade-in value for your vehicle. Paint Protection Film safeguards the finish of your car, preserving the value of your investment. Whether a prized possession or your family car there is no reason to let it depreciate needlessly.

Manufacturer Paint Protection Film

Land Rover

Ready For the Next Step? Customize Your Coverage With One of Our Paint Protection Packages!

Automotive Elegance offers XPEL paint protection film (aka car bra) in several packages so you can choose the precise level of protection that’s best for your vehicle and budget. View our protection packages.


Great question we see often! PPF Is designed to protect your vehicles paint finish from rock chips, nicks, scratches. While it may protect the vehicles paint during a minor scrape from shipping cart or when another vehicle trades paint, you may need to have some PDR work completed. PPF is not designed to stop dents or protect panels during an accident.

Absolutely! PPF is intended to protect the vehicles paint finish so any painted and clear coated surface we can surely protect! Whether you are considering protecting your 2022 Porsche 911 Turbo S or your 2022 Toyota Camry, we highly recommend protecting your vehicles paint finish as this is protecting your investment and when you sell or trade in your vehicle, you will see higher resale values as your vehicles paint finish has been preserved! Now you may choose different levels of protection between these two vehicles which is completely understandable and highly recommended!

With how far paint protection film has advanced over the past decade Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) Can now cover entire body panels such as the hood, so no more ugly lines across the hood of your vehicle! Protected areas and unprotected areas are now virtually indistinguishable. The AE Platinum Package is the most popular package in the Boston, MA and New England area simply for the fact this package does not have a seam across any panel!

For all of our package options, click here. It’s highly recommended that you start with protecting the most exposed areas of your vehicle! The most exposed areas being the front such as the front bumper, the hood, headlights, fenders and moving backwards! Our packages at Automotive Elegance are designed specifically with this in mind. Protecting the front of the vehicle working to the back! Keep in mind, we have the ability to create custom packages to suit your needs, just give us a call!

Glad you asked! PPF Can surely be installed on a vehicle with a few miles on it. While there is no mileage cutoff to when you can have PPF installed, keep in mind that PPF is designed to preserve your vehicles paint finish in its current condition! PPF will not hide, mask, or fix any paint defects but rather preserve them. The question you need to ask yourself is… do you want to preserve your vehicles current paint finish as it currently sits? Chances are you’re going to say yes! Come by Automotive Elegance for our opinion!

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