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Ceramic Coating

What’s the difference between Paint Protection Film (PPF) & Ceramic Coating?

While Paint Protection Film (PPF) preserves your vehicle’s paint by reducing the risk of damaging chips and scratches from rocks, road debris, and swirl marks, a ceramic coating creates a slick, glossy layer of protection over the finish to shield it from corrosive chemical and environmental contaminants.

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that creates a hydrophobic (water repelling) and oleophobic (oil repelling) surface on your vehicle’s exterior, blocking impurities from bonding with the paint. Its water beading properties reduce the amount of time needed to wash and detail your vehicle clean, saving you money.

Top Ceramic Coating FAQs

With proper care and maintenance, XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coating will keep your car looking its finest for years! XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coating is backed by a four-year warranty. For full detail, reference:

Absolutely! A ceramic coating like XPEL Fusion Plus is specifically designed to work with both XPEL paint protection film and your vehicle’s paint, increasing color depth, while its hydrophobic properties make cleaning your vehicle a breeze! This makes your vehicle’s maintenance, washing and care much easier.

Yes, you can go through an automatic car wash with a ceramic coating, but you need to be careful. Not all automatic car washes are created equal, and some can damage your ceramic coating.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid automatic car washes that use abrasive brushes. These brushes can scratch and damage your ceramic coating.
  • Look for automatic car washes that use touchless technology. These car washes use high-pressure water and soap to clean your car without touching it.
  • Dry your car immediately after going through the car wash. This will help to prevent water spots from forming.
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Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Here are the benefits you can expect from having XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating applied to your vehicle:

XPEL Ceramic Coating Paint Trim Glass Interior Upholstery Wheel-1

Paint & PPF

XPEL Fusion Plus is specifically designed to work with both XPEL Paint Protection Film and your vehicle’s paint, intensifying its color depth, while its hydrophobic properties make cleaning your vehicle a breeze!

Wheel & Caliper

Cleaning your wheels is much easier with XPEL FUSION PLUS Wheel & Caliper ceramic coating! With a ceramic coating barrier, FUSION PLUS helps reduce surface contamination and keeps grime from sticking.

XPEL Ceramic Coating Paint Trim Glass Interior Upholstery Wheel-2
XPEL Ceramic Coating Paint Trim Glass Interior Upholstery Wheel-3

Glass Coating

Keep a clear view on the road ahead with XPEL FUSION PLUS Glass. FUSION PLUS helps keep your vehicle’s glass clean while protecting it from staining and chemical etching.

Plastic & Trim

XPEL FUSION PLUS Plastic & Trim helps your plastic trims resist fading and weathering from the outdoor elements and UV Rays.

XPEL Ceramic Coating Paint Trim Glass Interior Upholstery Wheel-4
XPEL Ceramic Coating Paint Trim Glass Interior Upholstery Wheel-6


Keep your interior cleaner from Day One with XPEL FUSION PLUS Upholstery ceramic coating. FUSION PLUS offers superior stain resistance and UV protection while helping your upholstery retain its factory feel and finish.

Formulated to Work With Paint Protection Film

  • While you can opt for a PPF or ceramic coating alone, having both applied will provide the ultimate protective coating. 
  • Automotive Elegance uses XPEL paint protection film and ceramic coating products for their superior quality. And they are designed to work together or alone.

Superior Repelling of Water and Contaminants

  • Water beads and runs off a ceramic coating easily, thanks to its slippery hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. 
  • It also repels oils, corrosives, and other contaminants, preventing them from coming into contact with your vehicle’s paint.

Ceramic Coating Offers Protection Against Surface Contamination and UV Rays

  • Repels tree sap, bird droppings, insects, and other contaminants thanks to its slippery surface 
  • Protects the finish from the sun’s damaging UV rays, which can fade paint hue and quality over time

Reduces Time Washing and Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Exterior

  • Because a ceramic coating creates a slick, non-stick topcoat for your vehicle’s finish, you’ll find cleaning your vehicle is a quicker and easier process.  
  • Your out-of-pocket cleaning costs will go down – saving you time, while also saving you money on materials!

Includes a Four-Year Warranty

XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating is guaranteed for four years from initial installation.

What to Expect

Our Ceramic Coating Installation Process

Our expert technicians use a meticulous cleaning and decontamination preparation process before applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle. This ensures your vehicle’s surface is completely spotless and free of impurities, ensuring the product adheres and performs properly. 

The prep and application process is as follows:
Detailed hand wash
Vehicle-safe chemical decontamination
Claybar and mechanical decontamination
Full Vehicle single-stage paint correction
Secondary surface prep to remove any oils / possible contamination (these steps are repeated as necessary)
Ceramic Coating application
Full Vehicle Single Stage Paint Correction
Secondary surface prep to remove any oils and possible contamination. (These steps are repeated as necessary)
Ceramic coating application

24-hour Curing Period Post Application: after the ceramic coating has applied, the product must be cured for 24 hours so it dries completely. During this time, the vehicle must not come into contact with water. If rain is in the forecast the day your vehicle is supposed to be picked up, we ask that you pick up your vehicle the following day.

Ask About Our XPEL Fusion Plus Wheels and Interior Protection Packages

XPEL Fusion Plus was not designed to be used solely on the finish of your vehicle. It can also be applied to the wheel area to help reduce brake dust and prevent it from collecting on wheel calipers and wheel barrels. 

When applied to the inside of a vehicle, the product helps deflect the sun’s damaging UV rays from fading your car’s interior and make surfaces more stain resistant. 

Ask us about our ceramic coating wheels off and interior protection packages to learn more.

Pair Ceramic Coating with Paint Protection Film For Added Protection

Apply both Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film to your vehicle for extra protection.

As an authorized installer of XPEL products, we choose XPEL’s Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating, as it is designed to work incredibly well with the XPEL Paint Protection Films we install. When used together, these products become the ultimate dynamic duo, providing long-term protection for your vehicle’s finish.

XPEL’s products have set new standards in the automotive detailing industry, and are constantly being improved, offering owners the most innovative protection technology for their vehicle.

Safeguard Your Windshield and Improve Driving Visibility With Our Glass Coatings

Your vehicle’s windshield is susceptible to pebbles, rocks, and other flying road debris that can create chips or cracks in the glass, putting you and your passengers at risk and leading to repair costs. Automotive Elegance can protect your windshield and improve visibility with our glass coating applications. 

XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coating helps strengthen windshields and vehicle windows by bonding with the silica and filling in microscopic grooves and pits that can’t be seen with the naked eye. 

These glass coatings not only make a windshield and a vehicle’s windows stronger, but helps them repel rain, snow, ice, dirt, and insects. Cleaning the windshield is much easier with a glass coating applied, as water runs right off. 

They also help windshields resist scratches and improve a driver’s visibility in rain and snow and at night while reducing glare.