Why you need PPF and why you need it early?

Paint Protection for Your New Car

Why you need PPF and why you need it early? You’re thinking about or have just purchased a new vehicle. Congratulations! It’s your first brand new car you’ve bought and you want to keep it looking showroom new as long as possible. Well, what are your options for keeping it that way? You could just keep it in your garage and never actually drive it, which defeats the entire purpose of buying the vehicle. You could wrap the entire thing in packing tape and bubble wrap, but you bought the car because it looks nice and you really don’t want to cover it up. So what options does that leave you with?

Paint Protection Film applied to a new car.

Your New Car Paint

XPEL Paint Protection Film is a nearly invisible film that is applied directly to painted surfaces on your vehicle that will prevent damage like rock chips, swirls, scratches, scuffs, and UV deterioration. Offered in the Ultimate Plus gloss finish or the Stealth satin matte finish, there are options to make your vehicle truly unique and stand out while remaining protected.

Paint Protection Film applied to a new truck.

So why should you get PPF on your vehicle? Automotive paint can be notoriously thin and very easily damaged by things as gentle as a microfiber towel. Simply hand washing your vehicle can create micro swirls and scratches that would need to be buffed out, and daily driving on any road can lead to chips from rocks, plant debris, or other detritus that ends up being kicked up off the roads or flying out of other vehicles.

But when should you get the PPF? After all, you just dropped a ton of money on this new vehicle, whether a Tesla or Rolls Royce, so you’re hoping to save more now because you’ll need winter tires sooner than later and were really hoping to get some more accessories for the vehicle. 

 New car paint protection film installation

PPF is really something you should not put off until a month or two after you purchase the vehicle unless it remains fully protected or undriven in that time. Delaying install for a month or two can mean putting a few thousand miles on the vehicle depending on your driving style and daily commute, which can mean chips, scratches, or other damage to your painted surfaces. These would then need to be repaired before install, unless you really want to preserve your chipped up bumper under film. Every moment spent without PPF on the vehicle is causing more damage to the exterior, even when you’re not behind the wheel.

why you need PPF and why you need it early

Repair or Proactive Protection

Repairing chips can be as easy as buying a bottle of touch-up paint or as drastic as having to buy a new bumper or panel and get it repainted to match the remainder of the vehicle. Regardless of the level of repair needed, it will be an extra cost that won’t prevent the damage from happening again in the future. And what if there are chips or damage on other panels as well? Would you go as far as to repair or repaint the entire vehicle? Repainting an entire vehicle can be quite costly and may not look quite as good as when it came from the dealership lot.

Paint damage can vary substantially from manufacturer to manufacturer as well, depending on their painting processes, thickness of paint, and the overall shape of the vehicle. Sports cars or sedans are often susceptible to road rash on rocker panels and see more damage directly to the front end, while pickup trucks may see more damage to the bed sides or tailgate from use as work vehicles or hauling.

Automotive Elegance Protects Your New Car Paint

But you just spent all this money on a new vehicle. You don’t really have the extra cash after your down payment to go ahead and wrap the full vehicle. That’s where the Automotive Elegance difference comes in. Able to tailor a package for your budget and your vehicle, our Sales Team can ensure the most easily damaged panels on your vehicle are protected immediately while you save for other pieces. And because PPF is virtually invisible, it won’t be noticeable if the fenders or doors aren’t protected quite yet. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or visit www.automotiveelegancellc.com to get a FREE quote to protect your vehicle!