Which Car Color Gets Dirtiest the Fastest: Black or White?

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You want to choose a car color that looks clean all the time. Which car color gets dirtiest the fastest? It’s no secret that different colors of cars show dirt and dust differently. 

We know you care about your car – it’s one of your biggest investments! That’s why we want to help you keep it looking as good as new for as long as possible. No matter the color of your car, it’s bound to get dirty. It all depends on how much you drive your car, the area in which you live, and even where you park your car regularly. 

But if you want to go longer between washes, choose a color that hides it better. No matter the color, caring for your car’s exterior is one of the best things you can do to keep it looking great. Let’s take a look at the different colors.

White Cars and Other Light Colors

There’s long been debate over whether black or white cars get the dirtiest the fastest. White is one of the most common car colors that people tend to buy. Although, many think that white will show dirt the easiest because it’s, well…white. If we were talking about a fabric, they might be correct. But white is actually a better choice than black. 

Even though white doesn’t show dirt as quickly and easily as black, it’s still not the best choice. Again, think about where you live, drive, and park. If you’re in areas with red clay or dirt, gravel roads, or volcanic soils, white might not be the best choice.

Car Color

Black Cars and Other Dark Colors

As science has shown, black absorbs heat faster than white, which in itself can make your car look worse. In addition, black and other darker colors tend to show bird droppings and even the slightest amounts of dirt.  

After a wash with these cars, it’s important to make sure they are dried well. You can do so using a gentle microfiber cloth. You’ll notice that rain on these colors leave water spots as soon as it dries, and that’s similar to not fully drying your car after a wash.

The Easiest Car Colors to Keep Clean

A great way to wash your car less is to choose a color that can hide dirt and dust. It doesn’t make your car any cleaner, but a more neutral color will help the dirt and grime blend in, making it easier to go longer in between washes. 

Light browns, tan, silvers, and shades of gray are the best for this because they are similar to the color of dirt and dust. Keep in mind that the darker you go in these shades, the less likely the dirt and dust is to blend in. 

Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint Job with Automotive Elegance

Regardless of the color of your car, you’ll want to care for the paint itself. In the long run, it can save you money. Dirt and dust tends to adhere easily to cars with cracks in the paint or those that don’t have a smooth surface. Waxing your car regularly can help this. In addition, you may want to look into a protection film or ceramic coating. 

Paint protection film (PPF) actually helps to preserve your vehicle’s paint job by reducing the risk of damaging chips and scratches from rocks, road debris, and swirl marks. Ceramic coating creates a slick, glossy layer of protection over the finish to shield it from corrosive chemical and environmental contaminants. When done professionally, these services come with a warranty and can make your paint job last for years to come. 

We are always looking for the best and innovative ways to care for your vehicle. Consult with the experts to help you figure out what is best for your vehicle. We will assist you with custom packages that suit your driving needs and budget. Get started with us today at (781) 574-8707.