What a Ceramic Coating Installation Can Do for Your Vehicle

benefits of ceramic coating

Automotive Elegance specializes in installing high-quality and long-lasting ceramic coatings on vehicles of all types. Ceramic coatings are in demand for good reason; they can help to keep your vehicle’s exterior safe from harsh UV rays, improve the shine of your vehicle’s original paint, and provide significant protection against water stains, insect acids, oxidation, corrosion, and road grime, to name a few. Explore all that a ceramic coating at Automotive Elegance can do for you below.

What Is a Ceramic Coating?

The exterior of your car may be protected against contaminants by applying a coating, which is a liquid polymer that forms a hydrophobic (water-repelling) and oleophobic (oil-repelling) surface. This prevents dirt, grime, and other debris from adhering to the paint. Because of the way it repels water, you’ll spend less time and effort trying to keep your car clean, which will save you money on things like washing and detailing.

Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

Improve Your Vehicle’s Finish

Depending on your personal driving habits, the type of vehicle you own, and the color of your vehicle, your car’s paint can depreciate over time. With a coating on your vehicle, the appearance of your car’s original paint can drastically improve. They produce a showroom-like shine when applied to a vehicle’s surface, which not only makes it look better but also helps to prolong the life of the original paint.

Protect Against the Elements

The paint on a vehicle can fade over time due the UV exposure to the sun’s rays. A ceramic coating on your car acts as a protective barrier between your vehicle’s exterior and the sun, working to maintain its superior paint quality for many years after installation.

Easier Car Cleaning

With a ceramic coating on your vehicle, it is easier than ever to wash or detail your car. Because of the coating’s slick surface and water-beading properties, it repels inconvenient contaminants, dirt, and grime from building up on your car. What’s more, they aren’t just for the exterior of your vehicle. There are many ceramic detailing products available that you can also apply to your car’s upholstery, plastic trims, wheels, calipers, and even glass. All these auto detailing options and more are available at Automotive Elegance in Andover, MA.

The Best Ceramic Coating Installers in Andover, MA

For top-notch ceramic coating installations in Andover, MA, look no further than Automotive Elegance. All of our XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coatings are backed by a warranty and guaranteed for four years from the initial installation. Our installation process includes the following:

  1. A detailed hand wash of your vehicle
  2. Vehicle-safe chemical decontamination
  3. Claybar and mechanical decontamination
  4. Full vehicle single-stage paint correction
  5. Secondary surface prep to remove any oils and possible contamination (repeated as necessary)
  6. Application of the ceramic coating

After the ceramic coating has been installed, it has to cure for 24 hours so that it dries thoroughly. The car should not become wet during this period. To ensure the best results for your ceramic coating installation, we may ask you to pick up your car the next day if rain is predicted on the day you are originally scheduled to do so. Contact us today to schedule your service appointment or for any further information.