Top 3 Paint Protection Options for Your Vehicle

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In an effort to maintain vehicle performance and speed, many car owners often overlook the need to keep up with their car’s paint condition. However, sources report that the quality of a vehicle’s paint job can affect its resale value. Automotive Elegance offers the top 3 paint protection solutions to keep your vehicle looking new, namely a PPF installation, ceramic coating, or a combination of both. Learn more below about the most common substances that can damage your car’s paint and how you can help protect your car against them using these paint protection methods.

What Can Damage Your Car’s Paint?


Unfortunately, insect stains on your car’s windshield and bumper are unavoidable, especially if you frequently drive on the highway. In turn, the acidic chemicals from bug splatter can be enough to destroy your car’s paint. When left untreated, bacteria can grow on the dead insects, further damaging your car’s surface.

Tree Sap

Getting tree sap on your car from loose branches or as a result of parking under a tree can be dangerous to your car’s surface without adequate paint protection. When tree sap comes into contact with your car, it bonds to the surface. And, because tree sap shrinks as it dries, it can add further stress as it pulls on your car’s paint.

Strong Winds

While strong winds alone won’t damage your new car’s paint, the debris that they carry, such as sand, rocks, and other inanimate materials, likely will. Over time, without the proper protection, sandblasts from wind can cause your car’s clear coat and, eventually, color finish to chip away.


If you accidentally spill gas on your car, it won’t immediately damage the surface per se, but you shouldn’t leave it on. Gas contains corrosive properties that can eat away at your car paint if you don’t have the right paint protection.

Top 3 Protection Options for Your Vehicle’s Paint

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

A paint protection film (PPF) is a thermoplastic urethane film that is directly applied to the car’s painted surfaces. It is a self-healing film that prevents swirl marks and works against minor scratches, bug splatter, and stone chips. PPF is made for long-term physical paint protection to preserve the quality of your car’s exterior.

Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating can improve your car’s finish while keeping contaminants off its surface. Because of its hydrophobic properties, it also helps to keep water stains off, making your vehicle even easier to clean than before.

PPF + Ceramic Combination

Is it possible to install a paint protection film and ceramic coating at the same time? Absolutely! By employing a hybrid paint protection solution that includes both PPF and a ceramic coating, not only will you keep your vehicle looking new for the longest possible time, but you can also actively protect it against many chemical and environmental stains.

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