Top 10 Benefits of Paint Protection Film That You Should Know

When you buy a car, you want it to look like new for a long time. You will do whatever you can to protect it from dust, scratches, and dents for as long as possible. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to protect your car from regular wear and tear, scratches, and dust. This is where paint protection films (PPF) can help. The films come in rolls of ready-to-use material that contain many layers with different functions. They can protect your car’s surface from chipping, fading, and scratching. They can also protect your car’s surface from UV rays and chemical erosion. 

At Automotive Elegance, we offer good quality paint protection film in Boston. Our paint protection film can last up to ten years and has the following several benefits;

Avoid Fading

Your car’s paint will fade over time as it is constantly exposed to rain, snow, or sunlight. This will make your car look worn out and dull. If your car gets uneven sunlight, you will be left with patches of dull paint, needing a repaint for an even look. The car’s metal may even rust in extreme cases, affecting its structure. Paint protection film has unique chemical properties that block harmful UV rays and avoid fading. It will also protect the paint from scratches, dings, or chips. 

You’ll Save Money

Repairing the car’s damaged surface or repainting your vehicle regularly can be expensive. It can also impact your schedule as you will not have your vehicle for a few days. Adding a paint protection film on your car can save you money over time. 

Once you install the PPF, you won’t have to repaint your car as often. So, while you may have to invest upfront to get the film, it will help you save considerably over time. 

Keep the Vehicle Clean

Once you install paint protection film on your car, you don’t have to worry about cleaning its surface regularly. The film will keep your car’s surface clean. It will prevent any dirt or dust from being collected on your car as you drive and prevent it from settling on the surface. Even if anything settles on the surface, you can wipe it off. 

As a result, your car will look clean and new for a longer time. 

Maintain High Resale Value for Your Car

You must keep your car’s resale value in mind if you plan to sell your vehicle. The car’s mileage and looks will determine the resale value. Maintaining your car in top condition will help you get a high resale value. The paint protection film will help protect your car’s surface and make it look like new for a long time. It will prevent damage to your car when parked, especially in public areas like shopping malls, restaurants, and grocery stores, helping you retain its surface appearance, and in turn, its resale value.

Avoid Chemical Reactions

Certain chemicals found on the road can affect your car’s paint and other parts. PPF protects the car from the different chemical agents found on the road. In addition, it prevents the surface from weathering due to acidic bird droppings or acid rain. 

As a result, your car will look good for a long time.

Invisible Protection

Paint protection films are transparent. When applied correctly, they are almost invisible unless someone closely inspects the car. Most of the time, this film goes undetected by people. Hence, it protects your car without modifying its look much.

Perfect for Most Vehicles

Paint protection films can help you maintain your car’s aesthetics, irrespective of its make and model. The latest paint protection films are compatible with all car models and parts. 

However, you must find a film that suits your car best to prevent wrong fitting and other problems. The experienced team at Automotive Elegance can help you find the right film for your car. 

Paint Protection Film Has Self-Healing Properties

Most paint protection films have self-healing properties. They come in multiple layers that protect the vehicle’s paint and heal any surface-level damage to the car. They have a scratch-resistant urethane coating that prevents the destruction of the car’s surface. It returns to the lowest energy state when exposed to heat. 

As a result, it heals any surface-level dings or scratches if you leave the car under the sun or wash the surface with warm water.

Long Lasting

Once you install paint protection film on your car, you don’t have to worry for a long time. Good quality paint protection film can last for about ten years. However, this depends on driving conditions, wear and tear, and regular maintenance. The film’s self-healing properties will heal surface-level damage and prevent surface-level scratches, ensuring its long life.

Resistant to Peeling

High-quality PPF doesn’t peel off or lose color easily. Removing the film will not damage the paint or the car’s finish. You can also remove and replace them with new ones without any hassle. 

How Long Does It Take to Apply Paint Protection Film?

Depending on the amount of coverage, it may take between two and seven days to apply paint protection film. Covering the car from front to end may take one or two days. This also includes curing the film in the shop for 12 hours. Covering the entire car with the film can take five to seven days. If you are getting the paint protection film on your existing car, you can also get paint correction before installing the film. 

Is it Worth it To Reach Out to a Professional?

Installing paint protection films yourself can be extremely difficult. The most common method of installing these films is precut templates that suit the vehicle’s panels. These templates ensure maximum coverage. 

Considering the challenging process, installing these films yourself is not recommended. Instead, you can hire professionals to help you with the installation. As a result, you will not have to trim the film with a blade on the car’s paint.

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