Paint Protection Film – Carlisle, MA

Paint Protection Film - Carlisle, MA

Paint Protection Film – Carlisle, MA

Ensure that every drop of care, love, time, and money that you’ve put into your car goes to good use with our automotive protective film coatings. Call (781) 281-7344 to talk to an experienced pro today!

Our vehicles are constantly taking the brunt end of road debris, outdoor variables, and the elements. From sticks, stones, gravel, litter, and so much more, your car’s exterior sustains scratches, dings, paint chips, and dents. Leave that frustration behind and turn to a paint protection film as an excellent line of defense from this smaller damage. 

Luckily for Carlisle residents, our Automotive Elegance crew offers high-quality automotive paint protection film (PPF) that other autoshops cannot compete with. In 2020, we won “US Dealer of the Year,” and we continue to provide award-worthy services and products that you will enjoy for years. With every car, truck, and van we work on, we offer extraordinary attention to detail that others cannot replicate. 

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Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Give your ride a barrier that not even our New England weather can penetrate! Paint protection film (PPF) is a polymer sheet that is professionally applied to the exterior of your vehicle. It acts as a solid form of protection from rock chips, scratches, tree sap, bird dropping, and so much more. PPF is the perfect solution for car owners looking to protect their investment. 

At Automotive Elegance, we offer both standard wrap and XPEL Protection Film, along with a five-year and ten-year warranty, respectively. You can’t go wrong with either, so talk to a professional about the perfect option for your car. 

Professional Ceramic Coating

In some ways, ceramic is an extension of a PPF; think of it as long-term protection film. For both protection solutions, the main purpose of application is to provide an external barrier and a beautiful finish. Ceramic is more of a long-term solution because it is a cured liquid polymer coating, whereas PPF is a clear film expertly applied to the exterior. No matter what route you go down, Automotive Elegance’s team will provide you with top-quality services and beautiful materials, so you are sure to love the end product.

Stop worrying about paint chips and scratches with professionally installed ceramic coating! With a strong barrier on all exposed parts of your vehicle, including the body, door panels, mirror backings, trim, trunk, and so much more. 

Give yourself the ultimate peace of mind with top-quality ceramic covering that will quickly pay for itself. With ceramic’s nano-bond, your car will stay beautiful for longer!

Expert Paint Protective Film Application – Carlisle, MA

Paint Protection Film Application Process

Our crew has applied PPF to a wide range of vehicles, so whether you’ve got a lemon that needs some love or a brand new supercar, Automotive Elegance has the auto solutions for you! 

Regardless of the film you pick, our first step is thoroughly clean, sanitize, and smooth the body of the vehicle. With a clean base layer, we can apply the PPF with a water-tight seal. Some cars need a bit more scrubbing than others, which is why we use only the best materials, including a highly-effective degreasing agent. Regardless, we ensure every part of the process is expertly performed. 

Next, we measure your car and cut the film accordingly. With precisely cut film, it will fit flush against the body and provide an unbeatable sheen. Once the film is on the car, we go over the entire vehicle to smooth any imperfections and ensure a tight bond. 

For protective film care tips and tricks, check out our blog dedicated to that information! 

The Right Team for the Job

We love serving the Carlisle, MA community, which is evident from our almost twenty years of automotive care. As a small, local business, we understand not only the market, but also the community. We know the weather, possible variables, road conditions, and so much more, providing our customers with tailored care. 

If you are ready to wrap your car in a protective layer, give Automotive Elegance a call! Our number is (781) 281-7344, but feel free to schedule an appointment. To learn more about our values, skill set, and past work, check out this link:,