Paint Protection Film – Newton, MA

Paint Protection Film - Newton, MA

Paint Protection Film – Newton, MA

You can attempt all you want, but regular wear and tear is completely unavoidable… unless you use Paint Protection Film (PPF). By using PPF on your vehicle, you are protecting the paint and the car itself, but it needs to be installed by a professional. If you are in Newton, MA then we have good news for you because our Automotive Elegance team has been looking for a reason to head back. We want your favorite commuting vehicle to be protected whether you are just going a block or across the country. If you still are not sure, check out what some of your neighbors think via our customer reviews and testimonials.

Your car deserves the protection it needs to look brand new, so protect it with our automotive paint protection film. By contacting us at (781) 281-7344 today, you will save yourself a headache in the future, so do not hesitate!

Ceramic Coating vs. PPF

For most car owners, there are two protection methods that are sought after more than the others: paint protection film (PPF) and ceramic coating. PPF is a translucent polymer that is layered onto a vehicle’s exterior; it effectively protects against scratches, rock chips, sap, bird dropping, and so much more. In comparison, ceramic coating is a notch above PPF. Ceramic coating is different from PPF because the ceramic creates a protective seal around the car’s exterior which is much more durable than the film. No matter what option you pick, your car will be looking brand new – you can’t go wrong with either!

Keep Your Car Shining!

Protect Your Care for Any Showcase

To keep your vehicle’s paint job looking good as new, you need to perform regular maintenance and upkeep. Below, we have provided some of the basic, but essential, information required for optimal results:

  • Use a pH appropriate solution, as a pH that is too high can strip the top layers of your protective film.
  • Limit the amount of sun exposure, like covered parking, as excessive UV rays can damage the finish.
  • Use gentle brushes and tools, as abrasive materials can completely remove the top layers of film.
  • If you have self-healing coatings like ceramic, reapply topcoats to ensure the vehicle will continue to look flawless.

If you have any questions about PPF maintenance and care, contact our Automotive Elegance team to point you in the right direction.

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Choose The Right Installation Team

With every project we complete, we are confident in the end product. With any Eco installation, we are happy to offer a five-year warranty to provide you with some insurance on your vehicle. If you are looking for more protection, we offer a very inclusive ten-year warranty on all XPEL Protections. Give yourself peace of mind at no additional cost when you use our services!

We have been serving the Boston area for almost 20 years, giving us plenty of know-how and connections in the Newton community. Our Automotive Elegance team has a wide variety of experience, especially as we have performed more than 60,000 installations on all types of vehicles. Whether you own a sports car, an SUV, or a lifted truck, our crew will properly install your PPF, lasting for any adventure.

If you are looking for a team of professionals to perfectly install protective film, do not hesitate to contact our well-experienced staff! Our number is (781) 281-7334, and you are more than welcome to request a booking online. Let us know how we can preserve your vehicles today!