Paint Protection Film Installers – Concord, MA

Paint Protection Film Installers - Concord, MA

Professional Paint Protection Film Installers in Concord, MA

Our Automotive Elegance team will handle all of your automotive paint protective film needs, so do not hesitate to reach out. Contact us at (781) 281-7344 today so we can get started!

Why would you spend thousands on a brand new car, only for it to be easily scratched and damaged? It can be infuriating to take your car out for a ten minute drive, only to return with paint chips, scratches, and bird droppings. Automotive paint protective film (PPF) will resolve that anxiety and provide a variety of benefits.

You and your car deserve only the best, which is why you should turn to top-rated paint protection film installers in Concord, MA – Automotive Elegance. We have completed hundreds, if not thousands, of PPF installations, ensuring that you will love our results. With our proper techniques, your protective film will last for years to come.

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Paint Protection Films (PPFs)

Protect your car’s most vulnerable parts with a high-quality and highly-durable paint protective film. PPFs are the preferred protection method because they are a clear urethane film that forms a water-resistant seal that protects your ride from everyday messes, rock chips, pebbles, dust, and so much more!

Our Automotive Elegance materials come with a wide variety of styles, finishes, and colors, including:

●      Silver

●      Gold

●      Gloss

●      Full Matte

●      And even more!

If you notice that your ride may need a touch up, consider investing in a beautiful PPF that will protect your vehicle for years to come. And if you are looking for a film with a little more “oomph,” check out our XPEL film that comes with a ten-year warranty and anti-yellowing technology.

Ceramic Coating

While PPFs are a great source of protection for your car’s aesthetic and function, sometimes you might want a product that is a bit more durable and requires less maintenance. PPFs are a film (it’s in the name) whereas a ceramic coating is applied in liquid form and will cure to an impenetrable solid layer. When curing, the ceramic coating will actually bond to the body of the vehicle, creating a water and UV ray resistant protective coating.

Ceramic coatings are long-lasting not only because of the strong bond, but also because the ceramic material is too strong for rock chips, pebbles, dirt, grime, litter, and road debris to penetrate. These protective coats are cost-effective, keep your car’s paint in excellent condition, and rightfully popular. Let our Automotive Elegance team know if you want more information about ceramic coatings for your ride!

PPF – XPEL STEALTH Film Professional PPF Application

Why Automotive Elegance?

Our Quality Work

Regardless of the services you require, our team is more than experienced enough to give you exactly what you’re looking for. With over 60,000 installations under our belt, every team member has extensively trained on all types of vehicles.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our installers is extremely capable. So much so that when you purchase the ECO or XPEL protection films, you will be given a five-year and ten-year warranty, respectively. No matter the source of the issue, we will install a brand new film out of our own pockets.

Locally-Owned Business

For almost two decades now, our Automotive Elegance crew has served the members of the Concord community and their cars. With our experience and dedication, you will find that we will give you care that only a small business can provide.

To learn more about our history, check out the “About Us” section of our website!

Superior Paint Protection Film Installers in Concord, MA

If you live in the Concord, MA area and are looking to get your car professionally wrapped, let us know! Feel free to request an appointment on our website or give us a call at (781) 281-7344 for more information.

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