Paint Protection Film – Lexington, MA

Paint Protection Film - Lexington, MA

Paint Protection Film – Lexington, MA

Ensure all the time, love, care, and money you put into your car goes to good use by applying our automotive protective film coatings. Dial (781) 281-7344 to contact our experienced team today!

Constant driving can encourage a lot of wear and tear, especially with road debris like sticks, stones, gravel, and litter. This debris can cause problems like scratches, dings, and chips, all of which we want to avoid. To prevent this smaller damage, car enthusiasts turn to paint protection films as an excellent line of defense.

Luckily, our Automotive Elegance team offers high-quality automotive paint protection film (PPF) in the Lexington, MA area. We earned the title “2020 US Dealer of the Year” because we provide consistent quality craftsmanship and extraordinary attention to detail in every service we offer. Benefit from our experience and keep your car looking good as new!

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Paint Protection Film (PPF)

As New Englanders, we know that the harsh and changing weather can really do a number on not only the roads, but our car’s paint. That is exactly where paint protection film (PPF) comes into play! With a special polymer coating encasing the vehicle’s body, PPF will protect against rock chips, scratches, tree sap, bird droppings, sun damage, and so much more!

Automotive Elegance offers a five-year warranty on our standard wrap shop installations, as well as a ten-year warranty for our XPEL Protection Film.

Ceramic Coating

To put ceramic coating into perspective, it  is similar to that of a piece of art being cured in resin for preservation or effect. This layer is composed of a liquid polymer that creates a water-repellant bond with the surface of the car, protecting the vehicle from environmental and chemical damage. With a ceramic coat, your ride will have a protective shield that will make you feel near invincible to rock chips and other road debris. If you are interested in a four-year warranty on your car’s ceramic coat, check out Automotive Elegance’s XPEL Fusion ceramic coating installations; you’ll be glad you did!

While ceramic coating can have a visual impact on the painted elements of your car, it also provides excellent coverage for the door panels, hood, trunk, trim, and so much more. Our experts have experience with every vehicle, so stop by for professional, high-quality ceramic covering installations.

Add an extra element of durability with ceramic’s hydrophobic and protective qualities. You’ll spend less time washing your car and more behind the wheel.

Paint Protection Film Installation

With our years of experience and range of expertise, the Automotive Elegance team has applied a PPF to just about every vehicle, including older cars, large vans, lifted trucks, and more.

As soon as you drop your vehicle off, our trusted crew members will take care to thoroughly clean and prepare the body before we perform any services. We utilize high-power cleaning products, including a degreasing agent that will easily remove silicone and residue. By cleaning the surface beforehand, we do not have to worry about trapped grime, air bubbles, or swirl marks.

Then, we assess your car to develop a tailor-made plan of action. The film should fit flush and seamlessly against your vehicle’s surface, so we take care to properly cut and measure the appropriate film. After, we work quickly to smooth the film and remove any creases. With the proper installation, you’ll be left with a gorgeous protective layer.

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Expert Paint Protection Film Near You

Being a locally-owned small business, Automotive Elegance has dutifully served the wonderful people of Lexington, MA. We provide quality services that are tailored to you, the members of our community. Let our twenty years of experience speak for itself!

To learn more about the PPF installation services we offer, do not hesitate to give us a call at (781) 281-7344! We have plenty of information on our website as well, so feel free to fill out a scheduling form.

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