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Your car works hard to keep you, your passengers, and your cargo safe, so contact Automotive Elegance to provide your vehicle with the premiere paint protection film. Call us at (781) 281-7244, and we’ll get started today! 

With the culmination of constant road construction, poor drivers, inconsiderate seagulls, and everyday hustle and bustle, your car is bound to come in contact with a few dings, scratches, and dents. Give your car a strong barrier of protection with our top-quality paint protection film. 

If you are in the Wellesley, MA community, then we have wonderful services available to you today! With our premiere ceramic coating and protective film technology, we will give you peace of mind, no matter how long the journey is from point A to point B. 

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Paint Protection Film vs. Ceramic Coatings

As mentioned, the two most popular protective layers in the gearhead community are paint protective films (PPFs) and ceramic coatings. On the one hand, PPFs are a material made from a polymer base that has been molded into a film that wraps around the vehicle’s body and full hood. This technology safeguards your ride’s beautiful paint job from minor scratches, bird droppings, tree sap, rock chips, road debris, and so much more. 

On the other hand, ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that directly binds to the car’s paint, providing long-lasting protection. To apply the coating, the liquid must be heated above a certain temperature, which means that when your car has a scratch, an increase in temperature is all you’ll need to make it look good as new!

Our Top-Quality Craftsmanship

With a name our name being Automotive Elegance, we take our skills, expertise, results, and quality of care very seriously. We guarantee satisfaction when you choose any of our ECO Protection Film Installations as we offer a five-year warranty with any PPF from this collection. If you are looking for more peace of mind, then our ten-year warranty on XPEL Protection Films is the perfect option for you! When you bring any problem to us, we will replace the defective materials free of charge, so do not hesitate to reach out. 

Professional Vehicle PPF Installation near Wellesley, MA

Care Tips for Gearheads

With the care, time, effort, and money that goes into being a car owner, you deserve to keep your investment as perfect as possible for as long as possible. While you have made the crucially beneficial decision to have your car wrapped with a PPF, long-term paint protection requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Here are some of the best care tips: 

unchecked Use a solution specifically made for your car’s coating. Look for cleaning products that are low or basic in pH as a solution with a high pH can strip the top layers of the film. If you are unsure, speak to the professionals that applied the PPF to your ride. 

unchecked Avoid leaving your car in direct sunlight, as the UV rays and heat can damage the PPF’s bond and functionality. Excess sunlight can yellow conventional films, so be sure to protect your car’s paint for as long as possible. This sunlight damage can also cause the film to streak when being cleaned and dried. 

unchecked Opt for tools and materials that are soft to the touch, like microfiber cloths. With a soft material, your car’s exterior will stay pristine and unscratched. 

unchecked Some top layers like ceramic can “heal” themselves when exposed to high heat. To maximize the healing process, you may want to replenish the topcoat when needed as it will maintain the coat’s shine and protective qualities. 

Our Automotive Elegance crew is more than experienced in all things vehicle protection, so if you have questions or concerns, our number is the one to call! Dial (781) 281-7244 to learn more about the PPF and ceramic coating processes. 

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Our Automotive Elegance team is dedicated to serving all car owners in the Wellesley, MA community because we have already invested almost 20 years of educated craftsmanship, and we have no plans of stopping anytime soon. With more than 60,000 installations under our belts, we have seen it all – luxury sports cars, family-lived SUVs, dedicated work trucks, and everything in between. When you come to us, you will be met with unbeatable dedication and left with properly installed PPF that will outlive your expectations. 

If you live in or near Wellesley, do not hesitate to reach out to Automotive Elegance to request a booking! Feel free to reach us more immediately by calling us at (781) 281-7344, and we would love to give you more information about our paint protection film products and services!