2022 Hyundai Veloster N Paint Protection Film

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2022 Hyundai Veloster N

Coming from Top Gear’s “Manufacturer of the Year” award winner, the Hyundai Veloster N is no standard hatchback. Edging ahead of other hot hatches like the VW Golf GTI and performance models like the Subaru WRX, it’s no secret that Hyundai did it right with the Veloster N. Designed with racing and speed in mind, Hyundai spared no expense in getting this car to handle like it was born for the track. This quirky 4-door hatch looks unassuming and downright cute, until the exhaust valves open and it rips through gears like an F1 car.

Hyundai History

Hyundai Motor Group was founded in 1967 and the first model was released a year later with help from the Ford Motor Company. The company released their first car, the Hyundai Pony, in 1975 after hiring several British engineers, an Italian designer, and borrowing powertrain components from Mitsubishi Motors. Available first only in South Korea, Hyundai eventually entered the international market in 1982 by making their first Pony sales in Britain.

By 1984, the Pony made its way to Canada, making record sales and jumping in popularity, and by 1985 the company had built their millionth car. Beginning US sales in 1986, the company quickly grew in size and popularity due to the incredible affordability of their vehicles, and their Excel model was awarded “Best Product #10” by Fortune Magazine for how affordable it was.

The Sonata came along in 1988, and by 1991 the company was building their own technologies like engines and transmissions to gain independence as a brand. By 2002 the company was one of the main sponsors of the FIFA World Cup, and was named Second in “Initial Quality” by JD Power in 2004.

With a substantially less lengthy and complicated history than some of its Japanese or European counterparts, Hyundai has grown from a small South Korean brand to a global vehicle powerhouse. With subsidiaries in India, Canada, Brazil, Botswana, the Czech Republic, and the United States, among others, Hyundai has become a household name for a substantial amount of the globe.

The N division of Hyundai was started in 2019 with the first generation Veloster N that was released. The Veloster N has stayed in production since, and the brand has expanded the N line by adding the Elantra N and Kona N, bringing some speed and power to the sedan and small crossover segments of their lineup.

Veloster N Specs

With a 2.0L inline 4-cylinder engine with some extra boost from a turbo, the 2022 Veloster N cranks out a massive 275 horsepower. Available with both a 6-speed Manual or an 8-speed Dual Clutch Transmission, there’s a Veloster N out there for every driver. While the DCT adds a little weight (between 3,100 and 3,250 pounds curb weight) and a little less fuel economy, it makes up for it in lightning-fast shifts and incredible handling. Powering out 0-60 in just around 5 seconds, this little car takes “hot hatch” to a new level.

While the car only comes in FWD (and we certainly would love to see an AWD version hit the rally circuits), it grips incredibly well to the roads and corners like a beast thanks to the electronic Limited Slip Differential (eLSD) Hyundai has developed. With a selection of different drive modes from Eco to N Custom, there is a drive mode for every scenario. Coming standard with 19” alloy wheels, a variable valved exhaust, and plenty of exterior aerodynamic components, there’s no need to modify the car at all to make it sound good or look good. Electronically controlled steering and an adjustable suspension make this hatch a true drivers’ car.

The interior comes standard with numerous safety features, including Blind Spot indicators, collision warning alerts, and probably the coolest blue seatbelts you’ve ever seen. Technology features include a touch screen with Apple Car Play and Android Auto built in, so you’re ready to navigate with the touch of the screen. Bucket seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and alloy pedals make it look even more like a race car from behind the wheel.

Even with all these fun features, the Veloster N can be very hard to find. Dealers often only have one allocated, and getting one on order can be even harder these days with delays and shortages. Their quirky 4-door setup (one on the driver’s side, two passenger doors, and the trunk hatch) can be frustrating for those who routinely need to use the back seats. With their small size, it can be hard for those who drive in places with lots of trucks, vans, or other large vehicles to be seen. Despite these few things, everything else about the Veloster N makes this car feel like a mini race car made for the roads.

The AE Platinum Plus Process

Each package here at Automotive Elegance begins with a thorough decontamination of the vehicle. Using a foam cannon, the car is fully washed twice. On the second time around, the vehicle is wiped down with a soapy microfiber mitt, which helps to remove any stubborn grime or dirt left that the foam wasn’t able to dissolve and remove. This wash process is done carefully and thoroughly to ensure a completely clean work surface for application of the paint protection film.

The wheels and wheel wells are also cleaned, to ensure a fully clean canvas and to make the car look shiny and new. This process begins by spraying the wheels down with a tire and wheel cleaner, and brushing it away using specially designed tire and wheel brushes so as not to scratch or damage the wheels or tires.

The last part of the decontamination process is clay barring. Specially designed chunks of clay, specifically made for this purpose, are rubbed across the slightly soapy surface of the vehicle to remove any dirt or debris that may be left behind after the washing process. Microscopic dirt particles can be left behind and surface scratches or in paint defects, and this clay bar helps to remove them from the vehicle. For a more common comparison, you wouldn’t apply a screen protector to a dirty phone. You would make sure that the phone has been cleaned thoroughly before applying the screen protector to avoid bubbles and debris stuck underneath the screen protector. After the decontamination process, the car is dried using large microfiber towels to eliminate water spotting and make sure the vehicle is thoroughly dried for the installers.

Our Platinum Plus PPF Package includes film for the full hood, full bumper, full fenders, side mirrors, headlights, rocker panels, and the lower door, depending on the size and shape of the car. For the Veloster N, this package helps protect some of the areas that are lowest to the ground and would see the most flying debris while on the roads. 

The paint protection film (PPF) is applied to the car by skilled installers, with years of experience and training. Each piece of PPF has been cut specifically to the car, with small areas of intentional overhang, by computer guided plotters in our Design Center. These pre-cut pieces help the installers out tremendously when applying the film to the designated areas of the car, and help to eliminate waste by using the precut pieces instead of whole sheets for each part of the car.

The pieces of PPF film are applied one by one, covering each panel fully before moving on to the next. The surface of the vehicle is sprayed with a soapy water solution by the installer to give slip under the piece of film so it can be aligned properly. Once the piece of PPF is aligned, the installer will “tack down” one corner, using their squeegee. “Tacking down” a piece or a corner ensures the piece of film doesn’t move around too much once they start to squeegee the entire piece.

Using their squeegees, the installers smooth the film down onto the panel of the vehicle, squeezing out any solution underneath and ensuring a strong bond onto the panel. The PPF has a slightly sticky backing, which adheres to the car and keeps the film in place over time.

Once all of the pieces of PPF have been installed, the vehicle is quality checked. This check looks for any contamination in or under the film, any areas that may be lifting, air pockets, or other defects. The quality check is done meticulously and with a high powered light, to make sure no spots are missed and that the application looks flawless. Then the car is given a final exterior detail, cleaning the windows, shining the tires, and wiping any surfaces that may look dirty before being presented to the customer.

Now this Veloster N is protected from road debris while cruising around back roads, commuting on the highways, or ripping around the track! 

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