2018 Dodge Demon – Full Vehicle XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF

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Checkout this brand new 2018 Dodge Demon in Torred. This car comes equipped with a 808 horsepower engine, wide-body flares and aggressive drag radial tires. Due to the very large and sticky tires this car this car will toss up a lot of debris. With that in mind as well as the poor road conditions the customer decided to cover the entire vehicle in XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection Film.

When going with a full vehicle wrap we cover all painted areas of the body as well as the headlights. Paint protection film offers the highest level of protection for your car against rock chips and road debris, by covering the entire vehicle it allows you piece of mind knowing your car is protected from the everyday elements it will face on the road.

In addition to paint protection film we also applied our ceramic coating package. This offers additional protection against gentle scratches and chemicals from its super hydrophobic properties. In addition to protection you will also get an enhanced high gloss finish.