Is It Possible to Get a Car Window Tint in Massachusetts?

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The proportion of visible light that enters through a car window tint is known as the visible light transmission (VLT) percentage. The lower this value is, the darker the car window tint will be. An extremely low VLT of 20% indicates that very little light (if any) is being transmitted through the glass. The legal limit for visible light transmission in most states is 50%. However, the current maximum allowed VLT for the front side windows, back side windows, and rear windows of sedans, SUVs, and vans in the state of Massachusetts is 35%. Read on to learn more about why auto window tinting is regulated and why people choose to get a car window tint in Andover, MA.

What Is Auto Window Tinting Regulated?

Tinting a car’s windows may be as dark as is legally permissible in the state where the vehicle is registered. Most jurisdictions impose such restrictions to ensure the safety of law enforcement officers who need to see inside a moving or stopped car. For your own safety, you also need to be able to see the road and your surroundings clearly, especially in low-visibility situations or at night. You can read more about car tinting laws in each state here, although it’s recommended that you check directly with your local law enforcement.

Benefits of Car Window Tints

So, why do people choose to get a car window tint? The main reason is to protect drivers and passengers inside the vehicle from skin-damaging UV rays. For those who do a lot of bright daytime driving, another benefit is better vision without having to put sunglasses on and an overall more comfortable driving experience. Additionally, a car window tint can also help to keep the inside of the car cooler during the summer.

Our Car Window Tint Options

At Automotive Elegance, we offer several high-quality car window tint options to meet every need and budget. As an authorized installer of all XPEL products, we offer some of the best car window tint options in Andover, MA:


The XPEL PRIME CS is the most color-stable window tint film that blocks up to 99% of UV rays. Unlike other dyed window films on the market, which fade or turn purple after just a few years of exposure to UV rays, this one uses cutting-edge technology to prevent fading.


The XPEL PRIME XR reduces infrared heat by up to 88% while retaining clarity and a spotless look for many years. When compared to traditional car window tints, the XPEL PRIME XR™ performs higher as a result of its nano-ceramic construction, known to provide one of the best results in heat-deflecting window tint technology.


The XPEL PRIME XR PLUS shares the same great benefits as the XPEL PRIME XR. However, with its multiple layers of nanoparticle technology, it has the capacity to block up to 98% of infrared heat.

The Best Car Window Tint Installation in Andover, MA

For your next car window tint installation in Andover, MA, there is no better choice than Automotive Elegance. Our XPEL Prime Window Tints are backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can be confident that you’re getting your money’s worth and only the best from our shop. Contact us today to schedule your next car window tint installation.