How to Keep Your Car’s Ceramic Coating Clean

Ceramic Coating

If you love cars, it is possible that you already know about ceramic coatings. Car maintenance with ceramic coating can look a bit different than a quick trip to the car wash. After investing so much time and money into your car, you want to make sure that you are doing your best to protect it. Here are a few tips on keeping your ceramic-coated car clean. 

Stay Away From Drive-Thru Car Washes

Drive-thru car washes are notorious for scratching paint and damaging vehicle exteriors. The brushes and mop-like rags are too abrasive and can cause damage to your ceramic coating. Although it is a quick and convenient solution for a dirty car, it can quickly ruin what you paid a considerable amount of money for. Some disadvantages of using a drive-thru car wash include the following:

  • It leaves water spots. 
  • It cannot reach all the spots that are dirty 
  • It can leave scratches on your car 
  • The soaps that are used are too abrasive

When using an automated car wash, the care that your vehicle needs is not considered. The combination of soap, rags, and water pressure that are being used to wash your car is all too aggressive for the delicate nature of a ceramic coating. 

Wash Your Car When the Sun Is Down

During the scorching summer months, you may think that the perfect time to wash your car is when the sun is out so that the water can cool you off. This is wrong. Believe it or not, when placed under sunlight, your car can get so hot that it boils water off within seconds of contact. This extreme heat can burn away your ceramic coating. 

Instead, aim to wash your car before the sun comes up, when the sun is going down, or on a cloudy day when the clouds block the sun. Another reason for this is that you are more likely to leave water stains on your car. This happens because the water and soap dry out faster when placed on a hot surface. You will have to work harder or faster in order to get decent results. 

Maintain a Wash Schedule 

If everyday debris such as bird droppings, dirt, and road debris are left to linger on your car for too long, it can ruin your ceramic paint. Removing residue from your car on a regular basis will protect the integrity of your ceramic coating and keep it looking brand new. 

When washing your car, use different rags for your vehicle’s glass, wheels, and body. You should also dry with different rags. You should also be using a soap that has a neutral pH to protect your ceramic coating. 

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