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What distinguishes Automotive Elegance in the PPF industry can be summed up in one world: QUALITY. We pride ourselves in superior craftsmanship and personal attention to detail.

We have been serving the New England area since 1999. Our Certified Paint Protection Technicians have completed over 60,000 applications. We are proud to have the most experienced team of technicians in the country.

Automotive Elegance now proudly offers XPEL Technologies Window Tinting Film Products and Installation to Fall River area customers. We are the leaders in the Clear Bra industry.

Just some of the services we offer our Fall River clients:

  • High Quality Vehicle Wraps
  • Best Paint Protection
  • Vinyl Wraps
  • Auto Detailing
  • Car Paint Protection
  • Ceramic Coatings
  • Car Detailing
  • Dent Repair
  • Paintless Dent Removal
  • Wheel Repair
  • Window Tinting
  • Paint Protection Film
  • Auto Window Tint
  • Clear Bra Installation
  • Car Maintenance


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Clear Bra Services Reviews

These guys did the clear bra on my 2018 STi before I picked it up. Came out great, can’t even tell it’s there at most angles. “Johnathan Falorni”

The best in the business. They handle all of my PPF needs! “Kevin Kellie”

Leading Fall River Auto Detailing

We at Automotive Elegance have been offering car detailing solutions in the Fall River area for the best part of two decades. We supply a wide range of car detailing applications that protect and enhance the outside of your vehicle including paintless dent restoration, vehicle paint protection, vehicle window tinting, clear bra installations, vinyl auto wraps, ceramic coatings, and others. New England weather and roads can cause wear to a vehicle’s paint finish fairly quickly. Automotive Elegance’s creative car detailing strategies will safeguard your investment, keep the vehicle’s exterior looking fresh and new for longer, and even help it maintain more of its value when you trade it in.

Our professional and experienced employees use the latest technology at our modern auto detailing shop to flawlessly modify a ride with a bespoke vinyl vehicle wrap, apply ceramic coatings, perform wheel repair, and more. We work on a number of makes and models of vehicle and look after your car as if it was our own. Many of our Fall River clients have happily come back to us for additional treatments thanks to the first rate service and conscientiousness we’re known for. Have a look at a far more in depth description of all of our vehicle detailing services below.

Quality Paint Protection

Automotive Elegance is able to offer a multitude of paint protection services that safeguard your car’s exterior from commonly encountered road debris, like gravel, bird droppings, rocks, rock salt, as well as severe climates. Modern day car manufacturers use a type of paint that looks shiny, but is a lot more susceptible to chipping and similar impairments. Our superb paint protection film covers your car to provide seamless protection.

Our renowned paint protection solutions range between the standard wrap which provides side view mirrors, front bumper, partial hood and partial fenders coverage up to the stealth wrap which coats the complete car. We have a paint protection deal to fit your needs and budget.

Vehicle Ceramic Coatings Fall River

Our ceramic coating services take vehicle paint protection a step further with the help of a smooth, shiny covering to your vehicle’s finish. We can combine them with any one of our paint protection solutions for the maximum oils, sap, corrosive materials, water, insects, tar, and other pollutants from your automobile’s surface. We use innovative Fusion Plus ceramic coatings which bolster the vehicle’s finish and enhance its shine and surface clarity. Fusion Plus ceramic coatings also make cleaning the vehicle a lot faster and easier. You’ll save a bit of cash by no longer needing to spend on car washes or to have car detailing done so frequently.

A four year warranty also automatically comes with each and every ceramic coating treatment, to ensure your vehicle’s protection from the effects of the elements. The industry leading Fusion Plus series is a first-class line of products, favored for the protection of motor cars and also marine vehicles and aeroplanes.

Car Window Tinting Solutions Near Fall River

Vehicle window tints do much more than simply complement your car’s appearance and offer a level of privacy. Our auto window tinting system filters out UV rays, keeping the vehicle’s interior cooler during the sizzling summer days. Additionally, it stops any leather seating from drying and cracking because of hot temperatures and the sun’s rays. As you won’t be required to switch your car’s air-con on full throttle during the summertime so frequently, the window tinting process can help save on fuel expenses.

Automotive Elegance installs XPEL Technologies window tinting film products, which include XPEL PRIME, the latest in car window tinting solutions. Prime is available in 2 qualities – CS and XR – with the XR level blocking out 99% of damaging UV rays. The window tint products we employ never ever turn purple, fade, or conflict with your Bluetooth, radio, cellular or GPS signals. And all of our films are backed by a transferable lifetime warranty against bubbling, changing color, cracking or peeling.

Professional Paintless Dent Repair Solutions

Paintless dent removal is a remarkable repair treatment which seamlessly massages out dents, nicks, and small creases whilst eliminating any requirement to repaint your vehicle. This helps you to retain more of your car’s trade-in or resale price by the preservation of the original paint surface.

Whilst we at Automotive Elegance cannot carry out collision repairs or remove sharp or large dents where the paintwork is missing or cracked, our paintless dent removal is a great inexpensive alternative for small marks when the paint’s surface is not harmed. Our specialist technicians are insured and certified to deliver the best dent repair work.

Vinyl Car Wraps

Now and again you might want to give your ride a little attitude or presence, or wish for it to represent your own individuality. That is where vinyl vehicle wraps like accents and decals come in. We at Automotive Elegance fit a high quality gloss, matte or textured vinyl in order to give your vehicle a distinctive appearance. We are able to customize your precious car with anything from racing stripes to abstract designs or logos. Modify a lot or a little; even altering a single panel can transform the appearance of your vehicle.

We can walk you through the whole vinyl car wrap technique stage by stage so you will be aware of exactly what is involved. Vinyl wrapping is a good way to enhance your car’s appearance without changing it permanently with paint.

#1 Wheel Repairs in Fall River

Just as every day driving and weather can result in damage to your car’s finish, so too can both affect the appearance of its wheels. Rocks, gravel, stones, and other road detritus can impact your wheels after a while. That’s the reason we provide wheel repair in our line of auto detailing services. We’ll recondition the finish on your wheels to eradicate imperfections such as cracks, scrapes, chips and scuffs. In many instances we are able to restore your wheels to near flawless factory condition. Having reconditioned wheels can make your vehicle look like new again and enhance its overall appearance.

About Fall River, MA

A city in Bristol County Fall River has a population of 89,661. It was a major textile manufacturing hub. This culture is still seen in the city though it’s no more into this sector. It has a nickname Scholarship City. It has the largest collection of WWII naval vessels. It’s the only city that has a city hall named after the interstate highway- interstate 195. As part of the development it lost many historically-important buildings and in its place was built the Braga Bridge and many high-rises a modern school- Durfee School which is one of the largest schools in MA. It is considered one of the dangerous cities in the USA. It has a vibrant mix of cultures. It hosts several ethnic festivals like great Holy Ghost Festival, Harvest Festival, Spindle City Festival and more. Points of interest include Battleship Cove, Historic Lincoln Park Carousel, Marine Museum and more.

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Automotive Elegance supports clients throughout all of Fall River, Massachusetts, including the following zip codes: 02717, 02720, 02721, 02722, 02723, 02724, 02747, 02790. Click here to return to our MA service area page.

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