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What distinguishes Automotive Elegance in the PPF industry can be summed up in one world: QUALITY. We pride ourselves in superior craftsmanship and personal attention to detail.

We have been serving the New England area since 1999. Our Certified Paint Protection Technicians have completed over 60,000 applications. We are proud to have the most experienced team of technicians in the country.

Automotive Elegance now proudly offers XPEL Technologies Window Tinting Film Products and Installation to Massachusetts area customers. We are the leaders in the Clear Bra industry.

Just some of the services we offer our Massachusetts clients:

  • Car Paint Protection
  • Car Detailing
  • Ceramic Coatings
  • Car Maintenance
  • Best Paint Protection
  • Paint Protection Film
  • Window Tinting
  • Clear Bra Installation
  • Auto Detailing
  • Wheel Repair
  • Vinyl Wraps
  • Auto Window Tint
  • Paintless Dent Removal
  • High Quality Vehicle Wraps
  • Dent Repair


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Clear Bra Services Reviews

I had Automotive Elegance do a full hood / front end wrap with Xpel Ultimate on my brand new 2017 50th Anniversary Edition 2SS Camaro, and I was suitably impressed with their work. Excellent work, excellent results, all at an excellent price. Give them a call if you’re thinking about protecting your car, Will was absolutely a breeze to deal with, very knowledgeable and made sure I was aware of all my options, even if it was something they would make less money on! I would give them my highest recommendation! Thanks to Will and Automotive Elegance, from a *very* satisfied customer! “Greg Rich”

By far the best in the business! I had the front end of my GT3 wrapped in Xpel. From start to finish, these guys gave me a complete walk through and went over everything I needed to know about the film/maintenance . Joe washed and clayed my car and even went the extra mile and removed the headlights and badge to reduce the seams. When they were done, they even detailed my car! Thanks again guys, I couldn’t be happier! “James Adams”

Quality Vehicle Detailing in Massachusetts

Automotive Elegance has been offering auto detailing services in the Massachusetts locale for close to 2 decades. We provide a number of vehicle detailing products that enhance and protect your vehicle’s exterior including auto window tinting, car paint protection, vinyl vehicle wraps, paintless dent repair, clear bra installations, ceramic coatings, and others. New England’s roads and climate can cause wear to a car’s paintwork fairly quickly. Automotive Elegance’s cutting edge vehicle detailing methods will keep the vehicle’s exterior looking fresh and new for longer, protect your investment, as well as help it retain its trade-in price.

Our professional and experienced technicians use the latest technology at our superb modern vehicle detailing center to expertly apply ceramic coatings, customize your ride with a bespoke vinyl wrap or repair wheels. We have customized a range of vehicle makes and models and look after your vehicle as if it were our own. Plenty of our Massachusetts customers have willingly returned to us for additional services because of the wonderful service and attention to detail we provide. Examine a far more comprehensive description of each of our auto detailing packages below.

High Quality Paint Protection

Automotive Elegance offers a variety of paint protection solutions which safeguard the exterior of your car from common road debris, like gravel, bird droppings, rock salt, rocks, and others, as well as harsh weather conditions. 21st century car manufacturers employ a kind of paint that looks nice and shiny, yet is a lot more susceptible to chips and additional damage. Our high-quality paint protection products cover your vehicle to give a seamless protective layer.

Our paint protection services range between the standard wrap which supplies partial fenders, side view mirrors, front bumper and partial hood coverage to the stealth wrap which coats the entire vehicle. We’ve got a paint protection product that fits your needs and budget.

Car Ceramic Coatings Massachusetts Area

Our ceramic coating services take automobile paint protection to another level altogether by the addition of a slick, polished covering to your car’s finish. We can combine them with one or more of our various paint protection packages for the best oils, water, tar, corrosive materials, insects, sap, and additional contaminants from your vehicle’s paintwork. We use state-of-the-art Fusion Plus ceramic coatings which bolster your car’s painted finish and improve its shine and surface clarity. Fusion Plus ceramic coatings also make cleaning the car much faster and easier. You will save some money by no longer needing to pay for car washes or have car detailing done as frequently.

Each and every ceramic coating treatment also automatically comes with a four-year warranty to guarantee your car’s protection from all of the elements. The Fusion Plus collection is a superior line of products, well-known for protecting cars as well as aircraft and marine vehicles.

Auto Window Tint Services Near Massachusetts

Auto window tinting does much more than just an extra level of privacy and accentuate your car’s appearance. Our auto window tinting system effectively filters out UV rays, helping to keep the car’s interior cooler all through the hot summer months. It also protects leather seating from cracking and drying due to the sun’s rays and hot temperatures. As you will not have to run your air-con on full throttle during the summertime so often, the window tinting process can help save fuel money.

We install XPEL Technologies window tinting film products, which includes XPEL PRIME, the very latest in auto window tinting solutions. Prime is offered in two grades – XR and CS – with the superior XR level blocking out ninety nine percent of undesirable UV rays. Our window tint products never ever fade, turn purple, or conflict with your cellular, radio, Bluetooth or GPS signals. And all of our films are protected by a lifetime warranty against cracking, peeling, changing color or bubbling.

Paintless Dent Repair Solutions

Paintless dent removal is a remarkable repair process that smoothly draws out dents, marks, and slight creases while eliminating the need to repaint your vehicle. This helps you to preserve more of your car’s trade-in or resale value by allowing you to keep its original paintwork.

Though Automotive Elegance cannot conduct collision repairs or remove sharp or large dents where the paintwork is missing or cracked, our paintless dent removal is a superb cost efficient option for small blemishes where the paint has not been impaired. Our qualified technicians are certified and fully insured to deliver the best dent removal.

Full Vinyl Car Wraps Massachusetts

Now and again you want to give your vehicle a little extra appeal or attitude, or would like it to represent your personality. That is when vinyl car wraps such as decals and accents come into play. We at Automotive Elegance can install a textured, matte or high quality gloss vinyl finish so as to give your vehicle a distinctive and unique appearance. We’re able to customize your beloved car with virtually anything from racing stripes to logos or abstract designs. Modify a little bit or a lot; even altering a single panel on your car can substantially transform its look.

We will guide you through the entire vinyl wrap procedure one step at a time so you’ll be aware of what to expect. Vinyl car wraps are an excellent way of enhancing the appearance of your vehicle without permanently modifying it with paint.

Massachusetts’s Number 1 Wheel Repairs

In the same way that bad weather conditions and every day driving can rack up damage on your vehicle’s surface finish, so too can both spoil the appearance of your wheels. Rocks, gravel, stones, and other debris on the roads could affect those wheels with time. That is why we offer wheel repair in our line of vehicle detailing services. We will refurbish your wheel’s finish to remove unsightly marks such as scrapes, scuffs, chips and cracks. In many instances we’re able to restore your wheels to near immaculate factory condition. Having reconditioned wheels could make your vehicle look like new once more and enhance its overall appearance.

About Massachusetts

It is the most populous state and has a population of 6,902,149. It is referred to as Bay State and Puritan State. Its capital is Boston. Some of the prominent cities include Brookline, Cambridge, Quincy, Lowell and more. Its looked up to globally in finance, engineering, biotechnology, higher education and more. It is top-ranked in education internationally. Major world-renowned universities and colleges include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University among others. Kennedy’s one of the prominent families is from this state. It played a prominent role in the American War of Independence and it attained fame for the Boston Tea Party. Now it’s in favor of the Marijuana Legislation Initiative. It is a vital center for performing arts Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops Orchestra are the prominent ones. Freedom Trail, Cape Cod Beaches, Faneuil Hall, and more are the places of the interest of this state.

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Automotive Elegance supports clients throughout all of Massachusetts including the following cities: Andover, Boston, Boxford, Brockton, Brookline, Cambridge, Cape Cod, Carlisle, Concord, Dover, Fall River, Lexington, Lowell, Lynn, Manchester-by-the-sea, New Bedford, Quincy, Sherborn, Springfield, Sudbury, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston, Winchester, Worcester. Click here to return to our New England area page.

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