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Avoid Paint Repairs That Can Cost Thousands

XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a virtually invisible skin that prevents paint and headlight damage by deflecting sand, rock chips, and other road debris.

XPEL PPF is an Invisible Shield

Stop Damage from Bugs and Sap

Enjoy Driving Without Worrying About Paint Damage

Avoid Losing Money When You Turn in a Lease

Get More Money at Resale or Trade-In

Park Your Vehicle With Confidence

PPF Self-Heals Minor Scratches in the Sun

It’s Like a “Mobile Device Screen Protector” for Your Vehicle

If you replace the screen on a phone or mobile device, the value drops, even if the new screen looks fine. Why? The device has been opened. Who knows if the repair was done right. Who knows if the replacement screen meets specs. That’s why almost everyone invests in a screen protector and a case for their mobile devices.

It’s the same with paint repairs on a vehicle. Who knows if the new paint meets specs? Who knows if the technicians prepared the surface right. Who knows if the new paint will hold up. And how much it would cost to redo it.

But XPEL Paint Protection Film is like a screen protector for your vehicle. It protects the paint so these value-destroying unknowns never arise.

Vehicle Paint Damage Facts

Until paint protection film came along, there wasn’t much anyone could do to avoid the reality that a new vehicle’s paint will slowly be damaged over time.

After all, rocks and asphalt chips at 70mph aren’t just inevitable. They’re frequent—even when we don’t hear the impacts. Most are so small, you never hear them. But you can see the damage.

Ever get stuck behind a salt truck and listen to salt cutting your paint like an Arizona sand storm? Sooner or later it happens in New England.

Many people try to ignore these realities. They try not to think about or look at the accumulating damage … until they’re faced with heavy paint damage.

The grill area – Pockmarked. The rockers – gory with road rash. And what are those strange discolorations on the clear coat? (Hint: they’re probably from insects, which can be surprisingly acidic.)

At some point an unprotected car or truck will look old and resale value has decreased significantly.

But that’s not you. Take action now and prevent damage before it happens to keep your vehicle looking new and preserve its value.

Prevent Paint & Headlight Damage

paint protection film

Chipped Paint

paint protection film

Clearcoat Damage from Road Sand and Salt

paint protection film

Clouded Headlights

Protect Your Original Paint Before Damage Happens

Every minute you drive with unprotected paint is another minute of vulnerability. One strike and you can lose a large amount of resale value and need expensive paint repair.

The first thing potential vehicle buyers see is the paint. And they’re looking closely for chips, scratches, road rash, and insect damage.

Even one serious paint problem can turn buyers off. That’s why preserving the quality of a vehicle’s finish is crucial to its resale value.

It’s also why many lease terms have reduced the amount of allowed damage by 50-75%. That’s a tough surprise at lease’s end, since many single-strike paint repair costs easily hit $1,000+.

But with XPEL Paint Protection Film, you can rest easy knowing your paint has a level of protection never before possible.

Fast, Hassle-Free Installation

paint protection film installers

XPEL Stealth Matte Option

Get a matte finish without the hassle of OEM matte paint. PPF preserves
your original paint and can be removed down the road.

Benefits of XPEL Paint Protection Film

Maximum Value Even for Less Expensive Vehicles

People at all buying levels love a beautiful and original paint job—and pay more for it.

Virtually Invisible

The high-tech film is virtually invisible on your vehicle. All people see is a beautifully preserved, flawless vehicle.

Your Vehicle Stays Newer Longer

A beautifully maintained paint job communicates volumes. Continue to feel the pleasure and satisfaction that pulsed through you when driving it off the lot.

Harmless and Replaceable

XPEL PPF is guaranteed not to harm your vehicle’s original paint. It’s removable and replaceable.

Can Easily Pay for Itself

First count the cost of paint repairs that you avoid (often $1,000 and up). Then the investment preservation realized at resale, trade-in, or lease turn-in. Counting both, the cost of XPEL PPF can easily pay for itself.


Minor scratches and dings are completely self-repairing. With some time out in the sun the film reforms itself with a perfect finish.

10 Year Warranty

Google Reviews

Morgan Poor
Morgan Poor
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Automotive Elegance is a top-notch detail shop. Will and Rick are a pleasure to do business with and were complete professionals throughout the whole process. I recently had a full front Xpel wrap applied to my beloved Tesla Model S and it looks incredible. It is nearly impossible to see the edges of the film. These guys are pure artists and their attention to detail is remarkable. I cannot recommend them enough and will be doing business with them again in the future.
Sam L
Sam L
Read More
Automotive Elegance is amazing. They wrapped my Macan S, did an amazing job, and also provided excellent customer service. There's not much more that you could ask for!

I will definitely be a repeat customer!
Laurie Whitlark
Laurie Whitlark
Read More
I have a 10 year old car and after getting it filmed, it looks like brand new car and better than when I bought. Great bunch of people. If I ever buy a new car, it will leave the dealers lot and go direct to Automotive Elegance.
paint protection film

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