A Guide to Tesla Paint Protection

Tesla paint protection

Nothing is worse than cleaning your new Tesla and discovering rock chips that could have been avoided. The answer to this is simply an XPEL Paint Protection Film here at Automotive Elegance in Andover, MA. We specialize in Tesla paint protection as well as coatings and detailing services for many other electric vehicles. Several happy clients have made us their first stop after getting their new Tesla—here’s why.

Why Is Paint Protection for a Tesla Important?

For all of Tesla’s amazing benefits in terms of performance and style, unfortunately, there has also been sufficient documentation of its weakness in terms of paint quality. Some Tesla owners report swirls, scratches, and abnormal paint damage or fading after only a matter of months from purchasing the vehicle. 

The Model 3 and Model Y, in particular, see the most paint issues attributed to earlier painting processes in California. While Tesla has made paint shop upgrades since then, conditions might not always be perfect for water-based paint applications, especially during high-demand months. Newer models like the X or S don’t see as many of these problems, as well as Tesla cars that are painted in other places around the world.

For this reason, getting a new Tesla without doing a little bit of digging into what went into its painting process may cost you in touch-ups and painting jobs in the long run. Fortunately, there is a wonderful alternative solution: paint protection. 

Tesla Paint Protection Products at Automotive Elegance

As an authorized installer of top-grade XPEL paint protection products, Automotive Elegance specializes in Tesla paint protection in Andover, MA. In this process, we apply a high-quality, invisible polyurethane paint protection film (PPF) over your Tesla’s exterior surface, keeping it safe from premature wear and tear and looking its best for many years. Here are some of your Tesla paint protection options at our shop:

XPEL Full Gloss

With a full coverage XPEL Ultimate Gloss installation, you can enjoy the most comprehensive Tesla paint protection with a showroom-like new gloss on your car. For this service, a Piano Black Trim Protection is also included for all of your exterior and interior trims and plastic finishes.

XPEL Full Matte

Tesla paint protection at our shop also comes in a beautiful satin/matte finish through the XPEL Stealth Matte product. It provides the same benefits as the full gloss protection option but with a little more edge if you want to stand out from the rest.

AE Bespoke

At Automotive Elegance, we offer a proprietary option that combines our paint protection film and ceramic coating services for the ultimate results in Tesla paint protection. With this option, you get both the XPEL Paint Protection Film and the XPEL Fusion Ceramic Coating, as well as Piano Black Trim Protection, Single-Stage Paint Correction, window cleaning, and interior detailing.

Discover Tesla Paint Protection Packages in Andover, MA

For Tesla owners looking to protect their valuable investment, come to Automotive Elegance for the best Tesla paint protection services in Andover, MA. In addition to our paint protection and ceramic coating services, we also offer window tinting as well as ceramic interior detailing services to suit all your needs. For more information about our service packages or to schedule your next Tesla paint protection appointment, contact us today.