7 Reasons to Get PPF In New England

New England roads can be notoriously harsh on vehicles. From harsh winters to hot summers, New England can really test a vehicle on how well the exterior can hold up. Paint Protection Film, like XPEL Ultimate Plus, can protect your vehicle from many of these environmental or man-made hazards that could otherwise damage the look of your vehicle. Check out our 7 reasons to get PPF in New England.

Winter road treatments.

Anyone who has spent any time in New England between October and May knows that winters here can be brutal. Between snow, ice, bitter cold, and being dark all the time, winter isn’t that great unless you really like snow sports. And it’s not great on your vehicle either. Salt and sand used to treat roads in the winter can be kicked up by other vehicles or dropped onto your vehicle by plow trucks. This can lead to chips and sandblasting that can wear away at your paint, and the salt especially can lead to early rust spots.

Car paint damage from old damaged roads

Old Roads

One of the oldest areas in the country, New England has some very old roads, some of which lie in the same places they did in the 18th century. Often, New England roads don’t get repaved quite when they should, and the effects of many years of driving, frost heaves, and neglect can lead to lots of potholes and debris that can lead to front end paint damage.

Sun Exposure

While we don’t get too much in the winter, exposure from the sun can do a world of hurt on your vehicle’s paint. From color fading to clear coat damage, sun exposure from sitting outside at work or daily street parking without a garage space can lead to early issues that can be prevented.

Coastal Areas

From the Cape and the Vineyard, to the Southern Maine coast and more, New England has tons of beaches and beautiful coastal spots perfect for a day, week, or summer spent at the beach. As lovely as the salty air smells, it can be bad for your vehicle. Over time, the combination of the salty air and sun can lead to rust and fading on your paint. PPF can help to prevent this damage by sealing in the paint and preserving it before it has the chance to be damaged.

Camaro PPF to protect car paint against weather changes.

Sap, Bugs, and Bird Droppings

Ah, the beautiful nature of New England! Singing birds, beautiful foliage and the buzz of mosquitoes all summer. All of these things can be detrimental to paint because of their acidic nature, often eating away at the clear coat or even the paint beneath if left on for too long. PPF can help keep these things off your paint and prevent costly repairs, but it’s not an excuse to just not wash your vehicle.


Cambridge, Massachusetts has recently been voted the #1 most Family-Friendly city in the United States, and for good reason! New England is home to many family-friendly areas for not only raising a family, but also for taking your family on trips. Kids can be notoriously tough on cars, loving to draw on the sides of dirty vehicles with their fingers or whatever they can get their hands on. PPF can absolutely prevent the next MoMA exhibit from being engraved into the side of your vehicle.

City Debris

Boston is one of the biggest cities in New England, and with close proximity to other smaller cities like Providence, Hartford, Manchester, or Portland. Oftentimes when it rains in cities, the sides of the roads are left with puddles that are far from clear. Whether it’s just dirt or a mixture of who knows what, it’s definitely not worth taking the risk of finding out what it could do to your vehicle’s paint if left on there for long.

Paint Protection Film to Protect Your Car

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